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When good friend Dallas Smith approached me about contributing some pics and info to his famous book ‘Simply Wyandottes’, I was very honoured to be part of it. I told Dallas of my plans to write my own book on Wyandotte Colour Breeding one day, but that he was welcome to the photos available at the time. I was with Gold Cockerel Books then but have since decided to set up on my own. Fortunately, the photos have built up again and I feel now is the right time to put them - along with years of observations - in print.

Unlike my Genetics books, this one won’t have any spiel and will be set out in layman’s terms. I wanted to produce a book of information to pass on to future generations of Wyandotte breeders, so that they can get the most out of the hobby and understand our thinking in this day and age. I wanted something that would excite any Wyandotte breeder with its array of ‘dotte photos, and I wanted an eye-catching cover, which I think my friend Paul Hallum has captured very well. The cover collage is made up of depictions of actual live birds - 3 of which were colours I made personally.

I’m fairly certain that nothing could compete with good friend Dallas’ book, and I wouldn’t want to. Wyandotte Colour Breeding is about looking at what’s possible with many different colours, the basic theory, the pitfalls with that theory, what passes for knowledge, and so much more. This knowledge has taken decades to acquire through years of breeding and observation, and will hopefully serve as a useful source of reference for any Wyandotte Breeder / Fancier.